Jorge Alonso Maldonado

A Passionate Composer

I compose from the heart. For me, the feeling is the most important attribute when it comes to composing music because I believe feelings are the most genuine characteristic of human beings. All of my works are signature to me and are composed by feeling which makes my music authentic.

Many people make the mistake of expecting too much when composing and become easily frustrated because the impossible standard of perfection cannot be reached. That is why I believe in trusting your creativity and not judging yourself too much. In the end, we are all improvisers and we need to learn the beauty of improvising and accepting your product.



Music Tells A Story

Jorge Alonso Maldonado began as a jazz piano player at an early age before becoming a composer. He was part of the Peruvian band "Big Pollo Funk" and toured Peru playing original funk and hip-hop tunes. 

His passion for composition arose while enjoying Brazilian rhythms, which are present in many of his early works. He experimented by transferring his rhythmical ideas to visual works which led him to study film and video game scoring at the Berklee College of Music.

With an extensive contemporary musical background, Jorge Alonso manages to do a magnificent job finding catchy melodies and building solid rhythms which enrich the personality of the visual character. 


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